Featured Athlete: Wes Hightower


Courtesy of James Perez

Junior no.11 Wes Hightower runs the ball for the first down. Hightower also stared in the school play “High School Musical” last year.

Junior Wes Hightower is a running back on the varsity football team, runs track and is a member of the acapella. Last school year, Hightower sang in the theater’s version of “High School Musical.”

Pre Game:

Hype song: “Narcos” by Timmy Trumpet

Go-to Chipotle order: Pollo Asado with white rice, pinto beans, cheese, fresh tomato, salsa, roasted chili-corn salsa, romaine lettuce, double-wrapped

Favorite movie: “Walk the Line”

Athlete you look up to: Bobby Boucher 

Post Game:

The Red Ledger: Tell me about when you started playing football and what position you play now 

Wes Hightower: I started playing football before I could even remember, probably about kindergarten is when I started playing. I played for my team the Bears, after the Bears I played for the Bengals and I played for the Saints. Right now, I’m playing running back and safety at high school. 

TRL: What do you enjoy most about football?

WH: What I enjoy most about football is playing defense as safety because I like tackling people; hitting people is fun. I’m enjoying [this season] a lot. Since we’ve played two hard teams that we lost to, it really shows us how good we are as a team and what we need to improve on. I like the aspect of how we’re going to keep improving and see how far we can go. The community in football is a brotherhood. Everyone there is supportive; no matter what you do, everyone has your back. 

TRL: When did you start running track, what do you run?

WH: I started doing track my seventh grade year. Every year I’m in track I do the 100, 200 and relays. Being in shape for football and being in shape for track are completely different. In football, you have to be out in the heat, [it’s] physical contact, and for track, it’s straight running and conditioning with just you versus yourself. 

TRL: What do you look forward to most about track season?

WH: Some people say it’s a team sport, like if you’re in a relay, but track is a you versus you, you versus the clock [sport]. Only you can get yourself better.

TRL: Where did your choir journey begin, how does singing make you feel?

WH: My first year of choir was my freshman year, but singing has always been a part of my family; that’s how my parents met. They were two entertainers at Six Flags, so singing has been a part of my family forever. In singing, you can express your emotions. Everyone sings, even if you’re not in choir. When you’re at home, driving or doing your homework, it’s an easy way to relax or to get out your emotions. 

TRL: How did you end up pursuing theater?

WH:  I’m in acapella, so last year was my first year doing the musical and I really enjoyed it so I might be doing it this year. 

TRL: What do you enjoy the most about being on stage?

WH: After you finish a performance, or once you’ve finished something you’ve worked hard on, I like the applause or the people congratulating you because you’ve done something good.

TRL: What do most people think when you tell them you’re also involved in theater and choir?

WH: My friends definitely do [tease] me for fun about being in football and choir, but I like what I do so I don’t really care.

TRL: How do you balance four extracurricular activities, is there much overlap?

WH: It has a give on both sides. I’m always talking to Mrs. Martin, I’m always talking to coaches about where I’m going to be and when. I’m always talking about how I have to be at this thing for football and then I have to miss a lift for choir, but it usually always works out. 

TRL: What do you see yourself pursuing in the future? 

WH: I do want to play football, but if that doesn’t work out, then I do want to go into business somewhere. Anything business related is what I want to do. Track [is something] I do for fun because I like it and I’m good at it. For choir during college, if I have any free time I might sign up for it because I like doing it; that might be in my future. 

TRL: What have you learned from being an athlete versus a fine arts student?

WH: In football, it’s mostly a life course. They teach you about how to be a good person, [have] integrity and always do the right thing no matter what. In fine arts in general, they teach you to better yourself no matter what.