Pick 6: A Legg up on the competition?


In week four of Pick 6, guest picker Sydney Legg gives her input on the line up.


Heading into week four, the competition between the “experts” is getting neck and neck. Week three’s matchup between Penn State and Auburn tallied a loss for everyone except Perez who picked the Nittany Lions. Speaking of Perez, he has crawled up the record ladder and is now 9-9. Spooner, Doig, and Friloux take up first place with records of 13-5. Koehn trails just one game behind at 12-6 and the guests one game behind Koehn at 11-7. 

This week our guest picker Sydney Legg takes her look at the upcoming matchups. Legg is the STUCO president and an FCA leader. The only remaining question is, will she have a Legg up on her competition against the fellow “experts”?