Something drastic, cut the plastic

Dhriti Pai, Staff Writer

The district has recently introduced a new recycling program. This program has the potential to have a positive impact on students, the community and the environment. Introducing recycling to just one district may seem insignificant, but in reality it has enormous benefits. 

Schools help shape the habits of students into adulthood. Introducing recycling at school can inspire students to care about the planet, make a difference and more conscious decisions. Students who recycle now are more likely to carry on this habit. This can help transform communities, jobs and one day the world. 

The high school can save money. Recycling has significant cost benefits for schools. Handling school waste efficiently will reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills, and that money can be put to better use like funding academic clubs or art programs. 

Recycling has a positive effect on the environment. It prevents materials from being sent to the landfill and as a result, cuts down the energy and greenhouse gasses produced for new materials. It may seem insignificant, but recycling one ton of paper helps save 24 trees from being cut down. Any amount helps. Some are worried about contamination, but the classroom recycling bins are solely for paper and the cafeteria bins have staff to assist students sort waste. 

Up to eight percent of school waste is recyclable. Schools have an obligation to do their part to help the environment. This is a step in the right direction.  With these new policies the school can better their environmental footprint and have a lasting impact on their students and community. When it comes to recycling and the environment, every little bit helps.