All year long

Ashlan Morgan, Staff Writer

Another revolution around the sun. Another year has gone by. The seconds before midnight are filled with wide smiles and the chorus of counting down to zero. The change in the minute between 11:59 and 12:00 is marked by loud cheers, kisses and toasting glasses. The concept of time and the impact it has on mankind is truly extraordinary. We see our planet beginning yet another journey around the sun as a symbol for newness, growth and hope. On this very day we treasure time so dearly and place an abundance of significance on what it brings. We hope to achieve our anticipated feelings for the new year by repeating the cycle of the novelty we call resolutions.

The concept of time is seen through the progression of past to present to future. Sometimes we become senseless to its progression, and other times we are overly aware of its pace. New Year’s often throws us the realization that time is changing—and maybe we want to change too. However, I believe we fail to realize that time is given to us, well, all the time.

The idea of reflecting to create ideas or goals on how to better oneself is admirable. Whether it be focusing on the betterment of mental or physical health, picking up a new hobby or simply vowing to make smarter decisions, resolutions hold obvious value. However, I do not think this thought process should be explored only on New Years.

Everyone is occasionally prone to procrastination, forgetting and losing motivation. To me, the unfulfillment of New Year’s resolutions isn’t the reason I’m against them. The drive to merely hope to achieve our resolutions is admirable. However, the year collectively brings more to us than the week between Christmas and New Years where we remember to ask ourselves our resolutions. Whether it be March, April or October, we always desire ways to better ourselves. The idea of New Year’s resolutions has seemingly become trademarked, and we fail to realize resolutions are being made every single day of the year.

Everyday, we make small decisions that create large impacts on our lives. Every once and a while, we set a goal for ourselves that requires a little more drastic decision making than usual. The majority of the time, we simply carry out these journeys internally. We don’t necessarily voice our goals to get all A’s in the upcoming school year or get a nice tan during the summer. However, we do seem to carry them out a bit more successfully than our New Year’s resolutions.

My anti-New Year’s resolution stance is more or less a pro-be proud of what you accomplish all year long. New Year’s resolutions can often be a false hope or a routine process we fail to complete. The failure of resolutions has seemed to grow more popular than the completion of them. The irony of resolutions is quite remarkable; however, I do think it takes away from the idea that we are always capable of creating and following through with them.

Next time you wish to achieve something, do it. Try your best, recognize there will be hard days, but yet remain steadfast in your strength. Don’t let New Year’s be the only reminder of growth and newness. You are always capable of a ‘new you’ if that’s what you deem fit. Don’t let the irony of New Year’s take away from the accomplishments you have attained and will achieve all year long.

Recognize the value of time and what it provides for you. Be in awe of celebrating another revolution around the sun in this vast universe. Soak up the time treasuring the challenges you have survived and the future you will capture.