Let the bells ring

Anna Frost, Staff Writer

Christmas is without a doubt, the greatest holiday in existence. From everything to the movies to the food, Christmas makes its mark in so many wonderful ways. It’s a time of love and peace on earth, and should be celebrated for more than 25 days.

The food at Christmas tastes like a gift from God himself. This is fitting because of the holiday’s origin. While on holidays like Thanksgiving you’re eating sad boring green beans and pumpkin goop, Christmas brings ham, mac and cheese, cake, and pudding.

While I do enjoy other holidays’ morals of gratitude, these same morals are present in Christmas, as well as forgiveness, love, joy, and peace. These morals give you more bang for your buck. Christmas has been celebrated worldwide since nearly 250 AD. If Christmas could be celebrated 1771 years ago, why can’t it be celebrated in November?

 Christmas is one of the few holidays celebrated nearly worldwide. It is a holiday in all but 14 countries. While thanksgiving, is only celebrated in the United States, Canada, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia. This makes Christmas feel so unifying, and allows your experience to feel truly magical.

Onto numbers, Americans on average spend nearly 1 trillion dollars on Christmas each year, with 150 Million dollars of that going into online spending. Thanksgiving however, raises only 0.000604% of Christmas’s annual earnings.

I personally am a Christian and because of that, I think that 25 days is not enough time to remember the gift of a lifetime free of sin. So, I choose to celebrate before December. So I can one, get into the Christmas spirit before I start running out of time, and two, squeeze every drop out of the Holiday as I can. 

Furthermore, Christmas has amazing music and the best decorations. Us Christmas enthusiasts, get Mariah Carrey, Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, Pentatonix, Kelly Clarkson, Dean Martin, and countless others. Also, the Christmas decorations are so beautiful and fill your heart with joy, and are seen almost everywhere especially in the Lovejoy area. 

Also, all the chain restaurants, malls, shopping centers, and parks have started decorating for christmas. Some notable things include Chick-fil-a already having their peppermint milkshake, a personal favorite of mine. Grocery stores like Trader Joes are already selling Gingerbread houses, and holiday treats. And, Starbucks serves drinks in their super cute Christmas cups.

Plus, Christmas decorations and lights are very expensive to buy and put up. If people are going to spend their hard earned money on these festive decorations, there should be enough time for people to admire them.

Overall I believe that Christmas doesn’t get enough time to shine and that my joy for the holidays is sometimes dimmed by the stress of multiple holidays to prepare for.