Featured Athlete: Phillip Joest


Olivia Lauter

Senior linebacker no. 20 Philip Joest holds the sledgehammer before running out on the field. The team beat Bryan with a final score of 44-14.

Phillip Joest is a varsity football linebacker. Joest recently tore his ACL and meniscus and received an offer from SMU. 


Favorite pump-up song? First Day by Tee Grizzley

Who’s an athlete you look up to? Devin White

What’s your favorite movie? Blind Side

Favorite pre-game meal? PB&J


TRL: When did you start playing football and why? 

PJ: I started playing football when I was five, and I instantly fell in love with it. I have always played linebacker and used to play quarterback as well. 

TRL: How has football impacted your life?

PJ: Football has impacted my life in more ways than one. On the field,  it has built everlasting relationships, and lessons that will be used for many years after I leave the game.

TRL: How/when did you injure your knee?

PJ: On a play vs. Rockhill I just went to cut and it got stuck in the turf and hyperextended backwards. I ended up tearing my ACL and meniscus. 

TRL: What is the recovery process?

PJ: I started physical therapy today. It will be a long and hard recovery ranging from 5-7 months, but I’m willing to do whatever I need to do to come back better than I was. 

TRL: With your injury, you received an offer. How did that come about?

PJ: I have been talking to SMU and went on a couple visits. After I got hurt, they knew about it and still wanted to offer me. They wanted to let me know that it didn’t change their mind on the player I am.

TRL: What has your injury taught you about perseverance?

PJ: It taught me God has a plan for everything and how you respond defines you more than what happened.

TRL: What are your plans for your football career in the future?

PJ: I want to do rehab and come back better than I was and be good for spring ball in college. 

TRL: How do you feel the team will play for the rest of the season? Why?

PJ: They will do great. They all love being around each other and work super hard. It really is a brotherhood no one can break.