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Olivia Lauter

The players would like to note that, “their back hurts from carrying all of powderpuff”

Class of 2022 Players

The Red Ledger: How would you describe the skill of your team?

Chaney Roberts: Pretty athletic.

Tatum Chester: Most athletic of all the grades.

CR: Every in Lovejoy history.

TC: Ever.

TRL: How have y’all prepared for the game?

TC: We practice. We run sprints everyday after school, and we have a special diet. Lots of gatorade and powerade – blue.

CR: We also have to go to the weight room everyday before school.

TC: We do heavy lifting. It’s not like it’s light lifting.

CR: I’m squatting 300, so.

TRL: Is there any threat in facing the freshman?

TC: No.

CR: No. No threat. I mean I haven’t heard much skill from them

TC: I don’t even know any of them. None of their names.

CR: They don’t really scare me.

TRL: On a scale of 1-10 how worried are y’all about your competition?

CR: Probably a negative 10.

TC: Maybe a negative 599 if I’m being honest. There’s not any competition to worry about. 

TRL: You’re coming back from a pretty hard loss last year, how do you think you can recover both your skill and your ego? 

TC: I wasn’t there so. Now we have me.

CR: We have a strong team. 

TC: We both weren’t on the team last year.

CR: I mean I was on the team, but they didn’t put me in, so.

TRL: Why is that?

CR: Why is that? You know I forgot to go to practice so they didn’t see my skills. 

TRL: How are your skills this year?

CR: Oh they’re amazing. I mean I squat 300 like I said.

TC: Yeah we got a ton of really good players.

TRL: The junior girls said it’s not all just for pictures, do you believe that? 

TC: Um I don’t know who the juniors are so I can’t answer this question properly.

TRL: What are the team’s strengths and weaknesses?

CR: We don’t have any weaknesses for sure.

TC: No weaknesses. Only strength. Our strength is our strength. Speed, agility, muscles.

TRL: What have your main focuses and goals been this powderpuff season?

CR: Win.

TC: Win. Eat, sleep, powderpuff. Basically we’re just using this as an excuse to get our PR reps up.

CR: Keep calm and powderpuff on.

TRL: Any last comments?

CR: I’m looking forward to it.

TC: We’re not worried. 

CR: No worries.

TC: We’re chillin.

CR: Only athletes in here sorry. 

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