Leopard Look: Makenzie Aubel


Sydney Stout

Senior Majestic captain Makenzie Aubel performs during halftime. Aubel has been on the Majestics for three years now.

Ashlan Morgan, Staff Writer

At a Glance:

Favorite style of dance: Hip hop or tap

Favorite song: “Classic” by MKTO

Favorite restaurant: P.F. Changs

Favorite movie: “Spiderman: Far From Home”

Looking Deeper:

The Red Ledger: How long have you been dancing ?

Makenzie Aubel: I’ve been dancing for about 15 years now once I turn 18 this month. I did dance at Rowlett Dance Academy and currently dance at Academy of Dance Arts. I am also a part of the Dallas Repertoire Ballet.

TRL: What are your responsibilities as being captain of Majestics?

MA: I have to lead the team, especially when Ms. Simone isn’t there. It’s important that I watch the clock and know the timing during football games and halftime. I have to know the choreography from every part and be able to polish and teach it, too. I also have to be available for everyone on the team in case they need something. I am positive and helpful, but sometimes I have to be stricter. I also set examples for the new girls as well, and help new officers adjust to their positions. I do have a leadership team that helps me with all of this, so it’s easier to balance it out.

TRL: What is your favorite part of being on Majestics?

MA: My favorite part is performing at football games, especially away games. The bus rides are so much fun. I also like contest and spring show season because we get to do other types of styles of dancing than we do during football season. It shows our versatility as a team. The sisterhood aspect of it is also one of the best things of the team because you always have someone you can depend on.

TRL: How has Majestics shaped you into the person you are today?

MA: I think Majestics gave me a drive to do something. As a middle schooler, I never had a drive to be an officer, but once I got into high school and joined the drill prep class and Majestics, I gained a drive and goal to become an officer and captain. It also helps me with being more present and aware of everything and being respectful.

TRL: What has been your favorite memory so far on Majestics?

MA: One of my favorite memories of being on Majestics so far was in my baby year Alex McCaffity brought a kazoo to an away game. The band had to leave early so we didn’t have a band to play the Alma Mater. Alex whipped out her kazoo and we did the Alma Mater. That was really fun. Another memory was that some of my squad members had ducks sticking out of their backpacks and on their hats. It was really funny.

TRL: Do you plan on trying out for a college team or continuing dance in the future?

MA: I would like to try out for the A&M dance team or Baylor Songleaders if I go to either college. As for a career, I don’t think I would do dance as a career option. But I would like to at least join a dance team. Just not do dance as a career.