Amiya Callicutt

Senior counselor Mary Cabrera

“I think it’s been significantly impacted not only because of covid, but because College Board changed and said we are not going to take the SAT with the essay anymore. Everybody is trying out the new thing of, well you don’t really have to submit your SAT or ACT scores, so then it defaults to a holistic review that I don’t think a lot of kids were prepared for. Aso, everybody’s junior year got taken away from them last year when we went into lockdown, and a lot of kids who had the extracurricular activities and things they were involved that kind of went off their resume. I think it’s significantly impacted a lot of stuff. I’ve seen fewer kids in my office just because of covid, so it stinks I don’t get to interact with them as much and stay on top of their applications. Really it’s just a different world with admissions because everything is electronic, you don’t get to go visit the campuses, and it’s completely changed everything.”

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