Amiya Callicutt

Senior Allie Johnson

“I think it’s definitely very different. A lot more people applied to all the schools, so a lot of the acceptance rates are going to go down. I think it makes it more difficult, but it is also good because people feel like they can apply to any college now. Because the admissions process was a little different, maybe some people who wouldn’t be accepted in the first place would be accepted now. I know that [COVID-19] definitely impacted the SAT and ACT, where some colleges were making it optional or weren’t even requiring it. I know it’s because people couldn’t make it to a certain test, but part of me thinks it’s a little unfair to certain people who may have made a really good score on their test and someone who would’ve made a lower score would get into the same college as them. It seems a little unfair, but at the same time, it’s to make it more convenient for everyone, so I understand.”

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