Amiya Callicutt

Senior Peter Godipelly was voted Homecoming King. Along with being king, he was also voted Most Spirited Male.

Senior King Peter Godipelly

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant: Whataburger

Favorite type of music: Rap

Favorite TV show: Fullmetal Alchemist: “Brotherhood”

Favorite activity: Listening to music

Favorite class in school: History

The Red Ledger: What does winning Senior King mean to you?

Peter Godipelly: It’s kind of cool having the whole school rallying behind me and even freshmen coming up to me like, “hey, I voted for you,” and I’m like “wow,”my hand is that great upon the student body.

TRL: What was it like winning Senior King?

PG: It definitely got me hyped. Since I didn’t actually know if I was going to win. I certainly was hoping that I won, so when I did win it was like a burst of relief and excitement

TRL: What’s been your favorite memory of school this year?

PG: So far, definitely getting Homecoming King, that’s definitely been the highlight of this year so far.

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