Lovejoy Music Medicine club performs at assisted living home


Courtesy of Holly Xue

Lovejoy Music Medicine was started in 2016. This year the club is performing for nursing homes virtually and in person while social distancing.

Arushi Gupta, Editor-In-Chief

On Saturday, Lovejoy Music Medicine (LMM) performed a socially distanced concert at Mustang Creek Estates, an assisted living home in Sachse. 

“I reached out to Mustang Creek Estates to work out a plan for virtual performances,” senior and LMM president Hallel Pang said. “The new Mustang Creek Activities Director suggested a parking lot show for the residents to watch from their front porches. We agreed that an in-person concert would better convey the energy of the performance, so we planned the details from there.”

To abide by social distancing regulations, the concert was held outside. All the students that performed were wearing masks and  brought as many stands possible to avoid sharing with others. 

“I feel now of all times, LMM is especially important to improving happiness,” senior and LMM member Ryan Schlimme said. “Music is shown to display a plethora of positive health benefits.”

In the future, LMM will be performing virtually for other nursing homes. 

“We have many exciting events coming up, which include our monthly online events with Grandbrook Memory Care,” junior and LMM vice president Holly Xue said. “Due to COVID-19, we have our members pre-record videos and send them in for us to compile and livestream on the third Saturday of each month.”