High school responds to first in-person COVID-19 case


Hannah Gonzalez

After returning to school on Sept. 8, the school confirmed its first positive case of COVID-19. Those that were in contact with the individual were contacted and told to quarantine for two weeks.

Maddi Linsteadt , Section Editor

After returning to campus for the first week of in-person instruction, the school has confirmed its first positive case of COVID-19. Principal Chris Mayfield sent out an email to staff last night, informing them of the case and the protocols that have been implemented because of it.

“We actually have a planning guide that goes through and really lists what actions we’ll take whenever we’re notified of a positive COVID case,” Mayfield said. “So really, what the school did is we followed our protocols and procedures for communication. That’s all listed in that planning guide.” 

Students and staff members that have been in close contact with the individual have been notified and are to remain off-campus for up to 14 days to prevent further spread.

“Obviously, since we’re going to be opening up, cases will rise,” senior Peter Godipelly said. “However, I think the COVID watch that the school has, and the fact that Lovejoy can quickly counteract the spread by reaching out to all possible people affected can help lessen the [number of cases].” 

As the school works to prevent and conceal potential COVD-19 cases, community members also work to keep the students safe and healthy.

“I know the district is doing all it can to keep my daughter and her classmates safe,” senior mom Kristi Guzinski said. “I’m doing my part at home to make sure her immune system is healthy and strong. I appreciate the district’s communication and know that we are all in good hands.”