Courtesy of Sadaf Syed

Sadaf Syed, AP Biology

I am getting used to Zoom instruction, but at first it was very odd. I think we are adapting and adjusting well considering the situation. I have actually decided to record all of my lectures and provide students the opportunity to watch the bulk of my instruction on their own time. This helps with bandwidth issues and lends more freedom for students to focus on the notes on their own time. It does take more time on the teachers’ part to create these lectures beforehand, but I see a lot of value in allowing students the flexibility of watching and taking notes outside of  Zoom. What I really like about this way teaching is that it gives me more time to work with students individually on Zoom and help them in real-time with their questions. We also use breakout rooms, and I really like having this feature because it allows students to socialize with their classmates and work together in small groups.

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