Courtesy of Cathy Koziatek

Cathy Koziatek, Choir Director

When I heard we were going remote for the first three weeks of school, I was really worried. Choir isn’t something that can really be done alone in front of a screen. But after brainstorming with my choir colleagues, reading lots of research and going through remote educator certification this summer, I’d like to believe that Ms. D’Souza and I have come up with thoughtful lessons for our students. When we sing, all students must be muted on Zoom – the sound delays makes singing together impossible – and we use some music-specific apps to share our screens so students can warm up and sight-read together. We’ve also incorporated a lot of SEL (outside of the structured SEL lessons) in order to connect with our students. I’ve made Vocal Development videos that can be viewed asynchronously that give students a more in-depth look at vocal technique and anatomy. But honestly, I just love seeing their faces. It’s good to be ‘back’ in school, even if it’s over a screen.

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