Choir and band to perform at Java and Jazz concert

Jordan Ruppert
The Java and Jazz concert will take place on Feb. 28 from 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. in the commons.

A cappella choir and the jazz band will perform ‘30s and ‘40s inspired jazz songs at their annual Java and Jazz concert in the commons on Feb. 28.  

“This is different from all of our other concerts because we’re working with the jazz band,” junior a cappella member Paige White said. “We don’t really get to do jazz music that often, so now that we are, it’s really exciting.”

This event is a way for the band and choir departments to collaborate and for the choir to perform a different style of music. 

“Normally at our concerts we’re doing more recent music, but a lot of the heritage and history of jazz comes from a different era of time,” band director Paul Heur said. “This is a way to get to work with vocalists, which is part of being in a jazz band, and it forces us each year to dive into the roots of jazz.”

Attendees can take advantage of a dance floor and enjoy baked goods and beverages for sale while the choir and band perform.

“We expect people to enjoy themselves,” choir director Cathy Koziatek said. “If people leave humming the tunes and with a song in their heart then we’ve done our job.”