Senior uses passion to give back

Grant Fraser holds donations for Behind Every Door


Amiya Callicutt

Fraser’s project will help collect and organize baseball equipment for a non-profit organization called Behind Every Door.

Daniel Khalil, Staff Writer

Passionate about the game from a young age, senior Grant Fraser used his senior project as an opportunity to give back to the baseball community.

“I’ve always had a pretty big passion for baseball,” Fraser said. “I’ve played since I’ve been like four or five.”

Fraser collected baseball equipment and is donating it to the non-profit organization Behind Every Door to distribute it to baseball people in need. The organization seeks to transform poverty from the inside out through on-site programming and resource partnerships in underserved apartment communities.

“I think a lot of kids in the area need equipment, need goods,” head baseball Coach Jason Wilson said. “A lot of baseball players buy new equipment quite a bit, so to put the old equipment to good use is a good thing.”

Being involved in the community all throughout high school, Fraser wanted to do the same throughout this project.

“I participate in the National Honor Society and the Young Men’s Service League, so I thought this would be a good idea to do because I’m familiar in that sort of setting,” Fraser said.

Fraser said he plans to inspire future players and the community after he graduates.

“I think it’s awesome that he’s looking out for younger players in the area,” Wilson said. “He’s an awesome and high-character kid.”