Olivia Lauter

Senior Joey Chavez

“My advice would be to do your work. I know from experience that if you just do your work not only will your school life and be more successful but it will be better on your mental health. Also, talk to your teachers. I know they can be scary at times but they are there to help you and they want you to succeed. Also, put your all into high school. I know you’re gonna want to try and seem cooler by not participating in school spirit, but you’re only in high school once, so make the most of it. Go to games, go all out on dress-up days, do to the dances,  join that club, stand a cheer at the pep rallies because when it’s over you’re gonna wish you had. Lastly, if ever you feel stressed and overwhelmed, stop, take a breath, maybe take a mental health day and if need to, ask for help. Good Luck. You got this.”


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