Interview with coaches Mason Wallace and Parker Patel

The Red Ledger: After last year’s coaches, how do you think you’ll compare? 

Parker Patel: Oh we’re gonna be better than the past coaches.

Mason Wallace: I think we might do OK.

TRL: Some of your players seemed nervous, do you think they should be?

PP: No. They are in great coaching hands

MW: Yeah, I think they’re fine.

TRL:What do you think is so great about your coaching?

PP: I’m just a good coach.

MW: I think we’re the smartest coaches, and we might know well enough to make them know what they’re doing.

TRL: Do you see the seniors as a threat?

PP: No.

MW: No.

TRL: How do you plan on preparing yourselves against Reagan “the tank” Matacale and THE Carsen Mcfadden?

PP: We’re gonna improvise, and adapt, and overcome.

TRL: What are your opinions on the senior coaching staff?

MW: Harper Pool is a goof.

PP: Yeah, he’s goofy.

TRL: Do you think you can coach better than him?

MW: Yes.

PP: For sure.

TRL: Freshman have an 0–300 record. They lose every year, what are y’all looking to do to change the tide for the freshman class?

PP: Do the little things right, and then we’ll get better and better.

TRL: I know the sophomores have some outfits planned, some accessories, do y’all have anything to help boost your looks?

PP: Not at the moment.

MW: We have matching shirts from the school store.

TRL: Should people be scared of the freshman?

PP: Oh, yeah.

MW: Yes.

PP: They should be terrified.