‘Healthy Vibez Nutrition’ provides healthy options for student athletes


“Healthy Vibez Nutrition” offers healthy tea and meal replacement shake combos .

Lulu Butler, Section Editor

New to the Allen area, nutritious tea and meal replacement shake shop “Healthy Vibez Nutrition” offers a modern, unique spin on the average smoothie-juice bar providing a healthy stop for student athletes or anyone looking to stay in shape.

On first account, the store’s staff was incredibly welcoming and accommodating, creating a fun and upbeat atmosphere. The shop’s decor and set-up make it an easy place to rest and relax or grab on the go. With a step-by-step instruction sheet for first timers, the tea and shake decision process is easy and provides all the needed health benefits and nutritional facts one might be curious about.

Unique to this store, “Healthy Vibez Nutrition” centers on tea and meal replacement shake combos, all providing various health benefits. With a plethora of different flavored teas and shakes, the menu is inclusive to everyone’s taste buds. With three different combo options (ranging in price), the customer can receive added health benefits of their preference which can aid in workouts, recovery, and overall wellness.

With the store opening at 6 a.m., it’s a convenient stop before an eventful day at work, school, or even the gym. Although, closing time is 1 p.m. which may limit access for students later in the evening. The store’s main focus is to provide sustaining, healthy drinks that can provide needed energy for the consumer.

On the few occasions when I visited, I tried the Jolly Rancher wellness tea as well as the Brownie Batter and Reese’s meal replacement shakes. With every customer’s first purchase half off, the combo of drinks was only around $5. I was impressed by the store’s efforts to create a healthy and delicious taste and the energy I felt after enjoying them. After enjoying the drinks, I completed a rigorous day of dancing for six hours. I felt a significant amount of energy that I usually lack on these long days which is why I highly recommend athletes to give this place a try.

Although the juice store has a variety of different tea and shake flavors, the store is limited to just drinks. It’s not necessarily a “one stop shop” because they’re limited to just selling drinks. The store is more of a “grab and go” style than sitting down to enjoy a meal. The meal replacement shakes seem to replace the need for offering various food options. If one is looking to grab some food with their smoothie, this isn’t the shop for them.

“Healthy Vibez Nutrition” is an easy place to stop before a rigorous workout, after a long day of classes, or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Its versatility and variety make choosing one’s tea and shake combo easy and efficient and provides a healthy way to reduce stress and receive energy and nourishment.

If you’re looking for a local, inexpensive, and healthy juice shop or just needing a simple “pick me up” drink, give “Healthy Vibez Nutrition” a try.

For more information about the shop, you can follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts at @HealthyVibezNutrition.