Majestics to perform annual spring show


Courtesy of Andrea Lund

The spring show will be held in the auditorium on April 4-7.

Joe Vastano, Staff Writer

“Making a Difference” will be the theme for this year’s Majestics Spring Show to be held April 4-7 at the auditorium.

Each performance will begin at 7 p.m. Admission price is $12 for students and $14 for adults.

“The routines are an artistic expression of how we can all give back, community service, being there for one another, making others smile, et cetera.,” Majestics director Jen Morrow said.

The show will feature many different types of dances. These include a father-daughter dance, as well as a boy-girl dance where the Majestics asked some of their guy friends to help complete this dance. Another featured dance is to Michael Jackson’s “Make a Change.” Saturday’s performance will also include a final presentation to honor the seniors on the team.

“The theme ‘Making a difference’ reflects on the Majestics team overall because throughout the year we have performed acts of community service in effort to reveal how anyone can make a change,” senior and Majestics Major Sophie Shay said.

All the dances are designed to correlate with the theme of making a change. The Majestics will use the music and choreography to show this.

“Each night of the show, the Majestics are honoring an LHS faculty member who has ‘made a difference,’” Morrow said. “Thursday night, we are honoring head counselor, Mrs. Shaw, Friday night is biology teacher Mrs. Markovich and Saturday night is our custodian, Mr. Givens. We are honored to have them as special guests of our show.”

The inspiration for the show came to Morrow after thinking about everything the Majestics dance team has done to help the community this year.

“I presented the theme of the show to the dance officers back in May of 2017,” Morrow said. “Our social officers were in charge of finding community service for the team to participate in.  From there, we tied in what we have participated in as as a team as well as present other opportunities to give back.”

Preparation for the show began at the start of the fall semester while the Majestics still focused on football season.

“During the week of the show, the team has dress rehearsals until about 9 or 10, Monday-Saturday,” senior Audrey Supan said. “It is crazy and we’re always exhausted by the end of the week, but all the work that we dedicate is so worth it.”