Dude Be Nice week to commence Monday


Shae Daugherty

Lovejoy Acts of Random Kindness and Student Council brought “Dude Be Nice” week back for its second year. Activities include various social media and on campus challenges.

Carly Ludlow , Staff Writer

The second annual “Dude, Be Nice” week will take place the week of March 4-8. With the help of LARK [Lovejoy Act of Random Kindness] members, Student Council has planned a series of events to spread kindness and friendliness.

“Often schools focus on ‘anti-’ programs, such as anti-bullying,” Student Council president Evie McGowan said. “With ‘Dude, Be Nice’ our aim is to not only say, ‘Don’t bully,’ but to go a step further and challenge students to choose kindness.”

“Dude, Be Nice” week comes from an national organization that strives to build a community of kindness and compassion. Student Council and LARK plans to get all student and faculty involved.

We will kick off the week with a pep rally,” said Audrey Supan, senior and LARK president “Our amazing Student Council has a lot of cool activities during lunches that incorporate students, teachers, and admin, and we have some awesome surprises that we cannot wait to reveal.”

Activities ranging from a sticky note wall to challenges on Twitter will take place throughout the week. One day students will receive pens to participate in writing thank you notes.

“It [Dude, Be Nice] was a hit last year, and this year it will be even bigger and better,” McGowan said. “The Student Council has worked diligently with [assistant principal] Julie Hirsh to improve upon last year’s ideas. I can’t wait to see everything unfold.”