District to hold STEM Festival


Kaitlin Anderson

The Stem Festival is scheduled for March 2nd.

Haydn Spooner, Staff Writer

Escape rooms to a 50th anniversary Apollo 11 presentation and more are all available to students and families at the second annual 2019 STEM Festival. The festival is set to take place this Saturday, March 2 at high school from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. where students and children explore their passions and interests in science, engineering and math.

Library tech assistant Janet Tillman was on hand for the inaugural festival last year.

“Our district had made a commitment to provide STEM experiences in classrooms and libraries and this was a demonstration of what had been accomplished,” Tillman said. “It was not only a show and tell, but allowed chances for students and adults to try hands-on activities. This year there will be contests and competitions, demonstrations, hands-on activities, speakers and a chance to purchase food from one of our LHS business start-ups.”

According to Project Lead The Way engineering instructor/coordinator Brian Lidington, the festival will differ slightly from last year’s.

This year has more competitions and chances for students to participate,” Lidington said. “There will also be core classes displaying their STEM projects. Math and Science will be more active.”

This year’s STEM festival will feature several activities for all ages, including a blimp competition, breakout rooms, an escape room, CANgineering competition, MakerSpace crafts, Robot arena and a Wind Power Competition. There will be snacks and t-shirts for sale as well.

“Events are varied [with]something for everyone,” Tillman said.

For, Lidington the best aspect of the festival is watching younger students connect with various subjects.

“[The STEM festival] gets students excited about STEM majors and careers in STEM,” Lidington said. “Students are influenced at a young age to study science, math, engineering and computer science. [My favorite part] is watching the high school students interact with the younger students. Seeing how the young students look up to them.”  

Junior Emmy Straek described her experience at last year’s event as productive, and this year she looks forward to additional opportunities.

What I am most looking forward to at STEM festival is looking at all of the booths, because last year I volunteered with the Dallas Zoo booth,” Straek said. “That was really cool since I am looking to go into an environmental field when I’m older. One of the girls there has actually majored in marine biology at one of the schools I’m hoping to go to. It was a great opportunity for me to learn from here about both zoology and the college.”

Straek believes this event will have a positive impact on the students who attend.

“It’s really great for students of all ages as offers some tech sort of games and booths with all different levels of information,” Straek said.