Review: Hat Creek Burger Company worth the try

New restaurant chain in Allen has variety of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner


Nnenna Nchege

The Hat Creek Burger Company’s Brekkie Bowl, Rise and Shine Platter and Flat Hats.

Nnenna Nchege, Staff Writer

The grand barn and colorful playground just outside Allen’s new fast-food chain, Hat Creek Burger Company, present a fun and welcoming environment that is both casual and family-friendly.

Immediately when you walk in, the staff is approachable and respectful. For a new restaurant, the staff was very familiar with the menus and computer systems. They were quick to answer any questions and even advice on what to order.

In addition to lunch, Hat Creek serves breakfast from 7-10:30 every morning. The wait was not long at all. By the time you sit after getting drinks, the order is up. On a recent visit, we tried three items: the Brekkie Bowl, Flat Hats and The Rise-N-Shine Platter.

The Brekkie Bowl has cage-free eggs, your choice of sausage or bacon, your choice of one of six toppings, and lastly, avocado. The Brekkie Bowl is great when you’re in a hurry or want something light. There isn’t much toiling in your food with this choice. The bowl is tasty but this choice of simple foods may not be appealing to someone with adventurous taste buds.

Flat Hats are two pancakes, served “hot, fluffy and large” as the employees like to say. Large is definitely correct as the portion was generous, especially for a restaurant considered to be fast food.

The Rise-N-Shine Platter will cater toward most traditional customers with eggs, potatoes, toast and bacon or sausage filling this large meal. You can order eggs any way you like, but personally, I like mine with cheese. The platter comes with two savory slices of buttered Texas toast.

The bacon was nothing extraordinary. I think next time I’d try the sausage. The potatoes were the least satisfying, lacking seasoning overall.

The menu includes breakfast beverages, coffee or orange juice. However, the variety of soft drinks are also available.

But as the name implies, Hat Creek’s main focus is burgers.  I tried the Sombrero Burger and the Signature Burger. With prices ranging anywhere from $4.49  to $8.25, the burgers were pretty reasonable.

Of course, it wouldn’t be right if at least one thing on the menu wasn’t “Tex-Mex.” From the first bite, the Sombrero Burger is extremely spicy, and I loved every bit of it. However, if heat isn’t your thing, the Sombrero is not for you. “Double-served” (two patties) with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, grilled onions and Yellowbird Hot Sauce, the Sombrero is perfect for someone looking for a non-traditional spicy burger. Although I was skeptical of the hot sauce, I thought it was a great addition to the burger and added a unique flavor.

The Signature Burger is doubled-served with American cheese, Happy sauce, and spicy sauerkraut. This was my least favorite of the two. The Happy sauce, a thin sauce with a sweet-but-spicy mustard feel to it, and sauerkraut were not a good combination. The burger tasted like it had coleslaw on it; overall not a good combination.

If you’re not a beef person, Hat Creek also offers chicken sandwiches and salads. The restaurant does a great job for catering to each specific customer. The different variations for each meal give people a chance to make their meal more enjoyable.

The restaurant also has a variety of food options and accommodations for people with allergies and alternative dietary options. People looking to make healthier choices might consider trying their “Make it skinny” substitution by swapping any burger or sandwich bun with lettuce or serving it in a bowl without the bun (for a little bit extra).

After beginning as a food trailer, Hat Creek Burger Company has since turned into a successful fast-food chain restaurant. Although considered “fast food,” the food seems freshly cooked and prepared. Hat Creek has a casual and friendly family environment. The bench seats in the barn and around the play area create a casual environment for the family to enjoy.

The clean, well-kept restaurant complements a slow-paced morning vibe, creating a great place to work on homework or meet with a few friends before school.

If you’re looking for a new local place to grab a burger, Hat Creek is worth a try.