Annual fine arts festival commences Nov. 30 and Dec. 1

Haidyn McKenzie and Kendall Carll

Abigail Lund, Staff Writer

Students of the Fine Arts Department will be sharing their talents and work through the annual Fine Arts Festival today, Nov. 30, and tomorrow, Dec. 1. The high school will be hosting events throughout Friday and Saturday with band and choir performances, art exhibits and theatre showcases ranging from grades K-12.

Kaitlin Anderson
Today’s event will begin at 6:00 p.m.

The festival will begin at 6:00 p.m, with middle and high school band performances in the Auditorium, cheer in the performance gym, and Visual Arts exhibit in the gallery.

“In the gallery, we have a K-12 evolution, and it’s a really interesting thing to see, because it’s a really large scale progression from where you start to where you end,” junior Bryce Fuller said. “It’s nice being in there as an 11th grader, you see ‘this is where I was at one point, and this is where I am now.’ For parents of kids in elementary or middle school, they get to see what the high school is capable of and what we stand for.”

Saturday’s events start at 10 a.m, with a day full of live music, Santa meet-and-greets, and refreshments. Students will be able to watch theater performances in the black box, including an improv show.

“I’m the junior captain of Lovejoy Unscripted, our improv troupe, and we are actually introducing two new games called Oracle and Quest,” Fuller said. “We just learned them this week, so we’re really excited to showcase that.”

Kaitlin Anderson
Saturday’s events will begin at 10 a.m.

There will also be an arts and crafts area for children, as well as two studio classes hosted by AP Studio students. In the commons, choir will be performing songs in a coffee house-style setting.

Students and families are encouraged to come and experience all the performances and work that the Fine Arts students have put into this year, even if they don’t personally know anyone involved.

“If you don’t know anyone in the arts, then you’re probably not super familiar with it, so it’s a really good way to recognize everything that the arts do,” senior Marcie Sawyers said. “There’s really so much that goes on at our schools that involves the arts, and football and sports get hyped up a lot, but there are a lot of high school artists that work really hard every day. It’s a really good way to really expose yourself to things you may not have seen or heard before.”