Spooky setup

Senior Alexis Dubree creates ‘haunted display’ as part of senior project


Kaitlin Anderson

Senior Alexis Dubree’s senior project to be on display Halloween night.

Carly Ludlow, Staff Writer

Gravestones, tombs, bats, and cemetery columns are some of the things that complete Alexis Dubree’s senior project. Her haunted display will take place on Halloween night.

“This is my senior project, and since I’m in theatre and I have a passion for it, so I decided to combine both to create a theatrical performance,” Alexis said. “I have had all sorts of wonderful people come over to my house to help out with the building and painting, and I have actors who will be acting on Halloween night.”

Since the sixth grade, Alexis has created this haunted display. Starting with bats on a string in the air and paper ghosts taped to the walls, it grew bigger and bigger. She eventually turned her own home into a haunted house, turning each room into a display with a different theme.

“It grew bigger and bigger until my sophomore year when my mom convinced me to take it outside on [Oct. 31],” Alexis said. “My mom and Dad teamed up to build cemetery columns and a fence. From then on it was the ‘White Willow Cemetery.’”

In addition to past props, Alexis is adding a big tomb called the “Blood Bank.” This haunted lemonade stand will serve punch to the trick-or-treaters who stop by.

“Every year we put the columns, fence, and tombstones up in our front yard, along with a few animatronics and props,” Alexis said.

You can find her haunted display in Stacy Ridge Estates on Baltimore Drive tomorrow night.