Interview with players Reagan Matacale and MacKenzie Mitchell

The Red Ledger: Last year, you were very outspoken about the mantra “Ego Wins.” Should we expect the same scrappy, relentless, and trash-talking style of play this year?

Reagan Matacale: I mean, ego always wins, so of course we’re going to continue it.


TRL: You two have made a name for yourselves since freshman year. What are you going to do this year to live up to the reputation?

RM: Obviously I can’t catch the ball because I’m not very tall, but I know I will break ankles this year like I have done every year.

Mackenzie Mitchell: We’re going to win no matter what. We don’t even practice. Practicing is for losers.


TRL: Last year’s juniors stood no chance against your potent offense. How bad would you embarrass them in a potential rematch in this year’s championship?

MM: It might be a little bit closer because they have Lizzie Weichel now, but besides that, they suck.

RM: We’re still going to destroy them either way.


TRL: Every year, tensions always seem to rise due to some questionable officiating that always seems to favor the seniors. Are you expecting a fair playing field, particularly in a potential championship against the seniors?

MM: I would say we would break some clipboards, but we are just going to be breaking ankles instead.