Interview with players Khloe Litchenburg and Emma Bittlestone

The Red Ledger: You guys had some trouble coming up with enough players to make an actual team. What do you think was the reason for this?

Khloe Litchenburg: I think a lot of the girls were just scared to play in front of people and get embarrassed. My sister is a senior, and so we have a bunch of seniors that are really encouraging us to play, so we thought we might as well.

Emma Bittlestone: No one plays football, so it’s also a whole different sport that not all of them know.


TRL: It can’t be easy having to live up to your older sister, Kassidy’s, LPPL legacy. What do you think it will be like going head-to-head against her on the court?

EB: She wants to start a fight.

KL: I’m going to start a fight with her.


TRL: What, if anything, have you guys focused on in your practices thus far?

KL: We haven’t had practice.


TRL: As most freshman teams do, this team has little to no experience involving the art of powderpuff football. How do you plan to make up for this lack of experience?

EB: I think we just wing it. Just throw [the ball] and hope for the best.

KL: Yeah.


TRL: Be honest with me. Do you feel like your team has what it takes to be able to pull off the upset of the century?

KL: No.

EB: Not at all.