Interview with players Kassidy Litchenburg and Lizzie Weichel

The Red Ledger: After going winless over the last three years, what does the confidence level look like heading into the tournament?

Kassidy Litchenburg: Just as confident as we’ve always been. Everything has led up to this moment.

Lizzie Weichel: Actually more so. We’ve matured over the years and we’re ready to take them on.


TRL: Having taken a little bit of a break from the LPPL when you transferred schools, how does it feel to be able to get back out there, this time as a senior?

LW: It feels awesome. Actually, I participated in the MCA PPL last year. I’m ready for the LPPL. The competition level is just that much greater, and I’m ready to test out my skills again.


TRL: It’s safe to say that the Weichel name has a pretty legendary connotation when it comes to the LPPL. Do you think this brings any added pressure, especially because you’re returning for your senior year?

KL: Why would it?

LW: No. My team is what gets me through.


TRL: What are your thoughts on competing head-to-head versus your sister on the freshman squad?

KL: I might have to fight her.

LW: I’ll back you up.


TRL: With a lot of new faces on the roster this year, how has the dynamic been between the rookies and the vets?

LW: Well, if you think back to our past three years, there has been a little bit of struggle there. So new faces are going to bring some good change into the dynamic.

KL: They all bring a lot of energy, too. It brings me actually even more excitement to play.


TRL:  The bracket is making a junior-senior rematch looking very much like a possibility, what do you think it will take to come out on top this time around?

LW: Well, we can’t overlook the freshman game. The freshman are honestly going to be more competition than the juniors.

KL: Honestly, if we’re worried about anyone, it’s them. Most of our plays are aimed at how the freshmen offense and defense are going to look. If we’re talking about any game, it’s going to be that one.