Interview with player Julia Brochu

The Red Ledger: Last year, you were clearly allergic to the end zone. What was wrong with your offense and how on earth do you fix it?

Julia Brochu: We’re practicing a lot, so hopefully things can only go up from last year.


TRL: A position change is in store for you this year. What are your honest thoughts?

JB: I’m just too good of an athlete to be stuck behind the line of scrimmage. Nobody else can catch!


TRL: With last year’s demolition still in recent memory, how do you look at yourself in the mirror, knowing that you have failed the Brochu legacy in the PPFL?

JB: I wouldn’t say it’s ruined. I have three more years to build that up.


TRL: The juniors live by the mantra of “Ego Wins.” That’s pretty intimidating. How bad have your nightmares been about your opponent’s prowess?

JB: I don’t have any nightmares. I actually just daydream about how bad we’re going to kick their butt.


TRL: Nobody expects you to win, can you blame them?

JB: *laughter*