Interview with coaches Luke Mayfield and James Boyd

The Red Ledger: To put it nicely in a severe understatement, you guys had a rough go of things last year. How motivated are you by the bitter taste of last year’s defeat?

James Boyd: We’re not going to get our butts kicked this year. We’re going to try and kick someone else’s.


TRL: Rumor has it there is a quarterback change. What was the thought process behind the decision?

Luke Mayfield: It was head boss Ralph Rucker’s decision. New quarterback Holly Masey plays softball.

JB: We might mix in both quarterbacks depending on how they play.


TRL: The juniors live by the mantra of “Ego Wins.” What is your motto?

LM: When the going gets tough, the Leopards keep going


TRL: If you are to pull off the upset against the juniors, what is the biggest key?

JB: We have to complete every pass we can. We also have some trick plays up our sleeves. We’ve practiced quite a bit and have a few two-a-days scheduled in the coming days.