Interview with coaches Coleman Christensen, Matt Kline and Chase Coronado


The Red Ledger: Having never won a game thus far, how confident are you that this year won’t just be another first-round exit?

Coleman Christensen: We’re pretty confident. I mean we have a pretty easy match-up with the freshmen in the first round.

Matt Kline: We’ve been practicing so hard this year, you know. Getting everything down. We’re trying to simplify the playbook a little bit so that the girls understand it better. And we’re going to be the more athletic team.

Chase Coronado: No doubt.


TRL: How does the return of former LPPL All-Star QB Lizzie Weichel change the fact that this team is not necessarily a favorite to win it all?

C Coronado: She’s definitely our best athlete. Even though she missed a year, she’ll definitely return in prime form.

MK: She’ll be a good complimentary [piece] to the rest of our offense. We have good receivers and running backs, but I think a really good quarterback to control the offense is what we need this year.


TRL: Are you even a little bit concerned about the “threat” the freshman pose in the first game?

All three simultaneously: No.


TRL: Oddly enough, the team had an influx of new players added to the roster. Do you think there will be an issue concerning the lack of experience come crunch time?

C Christiansen: No, because we’ve practiced so much. The girls are really just killing it, they’re grinding and working hard.

MK: You know, they’re excited for this game and they’re excited for the match-up. They’re excited to get a win.


TRL: What, if anything, has been the central focus of practice so far?

MK: Winning a game.


TRL: Last year’s sophomore class, specifically Reagan Matacale and Carsen McFadden, gave you guys a lot of trouble in last year’s match-up. What’s the plan looking like on the defensive side of things this time around?

C Christiansen: We’re not going to let [Reagan] hit 1,000 spin-moves.

MK: We’ve been working on practicing spin-moves a lot. We’re going to put our best athletes on their best athletes and I think our best athletes are going to out-match theirs.


TRL: Trash talk between you and the sophomores was pretty heavy this time last year. Has it been as bad this year, or even worse, considering the likelihood of a rematch at the championship game?

C Christiansen: Who?