Interview with coach Noah Naidoo

TRL: You could barely get enough players to play on your team. What makes you think you guys actually have a shot at beating the seniors?

Noah Naidoo: Honestly, I don’t know what the seniors have. The rumors that I have heard say that they cheat for seniors.


TRL: Although, you may have a more of a chance than you think, as the seniors have never actually won a game, yet. What does this key piece of information mean to you?

NN: I bet if I told the girls that, it would boost their confidence.


TRL: Who do you think will be the most productive contributor on offense?

NN: I think it’s either going to be Mia Anderson or Mia Hignite. They both play soccer and have some speed.


TRL: If you haven’t already heard, former LPPL All-star QB Lizzie Weichel has made her return to the line-up this year. How, if at all, is your defense going to shut her down?

NN: I’ve never seen her play, so I just have to go from what I see.


TRL: Going into this game as the clear-cut underdog, what is your message to all of the haters out there saying you can’t do it?

NN: My team and I, we block out the haters. Despite what y’all say, we’re gonna do us.