‘Love Yourself Week’ to emphasize preventative measures for depression, suicide


TRL Staff

Students can take photos in front of the photobooth that will be placed in the Commons and post them with the hashtag #LojoLoveYourself.

Austin Keefer , Staff Writer

Positive vibes will fill the air next week as students and staff prepare for “Love Yourself Week,” devoted to helping students cope with stress, depression and other negative elements of adolescent lives.

“In the past we’ve had a suicide prevention day or week where we’ve emphasized ways to cope with stress and warning signs of students that are depressed, what that looks like and what to do in those situations,” counselor Nancy Schweikard said. “So this year we’re trying to put a positive spin on it, so we’re calling it ‘Love Yourself Week’ and looking at preventative measures for depression and suicide.”

Junior Darby Price came up with the idea to give the week a more positive message. Price was  one of four students running the event, along with Briley Tippin, Griffin Peay, Jack Nelson and Anna Fauro.

“The purpose of this is to shine a positive light instead of a negative light,” Darby Price said. “So instead of talking about suicide prevention and saying ‘don’t take your own life,’ we’re showing better ways to go about that, like self-positivity, self-talk, and good coping strategies.”

Between Tuesday, Oct. 2 and Thursday, Oct. 4, each day will be devoted to spreading messages of positive influence throughout the school.

“There’s going to be positive messages each day throughout the school in different ways and different areas all over the school,” Schweikhard said. “Different messages for people to see and to help them think more positive about themselves.”

The week’s events will culminate on Thursday, Oct. 4 with a video to be watched by students during third period, as well as a photo booth being placed in the commons.

“We’re going to encourage people to be taking selfies with friends in front of it, and have the hashtag ‘#LojoLoveYourself,’” Schweikhard said. “We want people to tweet it out and spread positivity, and we may have a contest for whoever has the most likes, and they’ll get a prize.”