Senior class council holds donations for hurricane victims


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Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas as a Category 4 storm.

Abigail Lund , Staff Writer

Senior class council members have set up donation bins to aid the people affected by Hurricane Florence in the East Coast. Students are encouraged to bring supplies and basic necessities by Sept. 28 to help the cause.

Senior class president Hadyn Spooner, along with several other senior STUCO members, have organized the event to collect hygiene products, shoes, clothes, and basic necessities to help the people whose homes and belongings were taken by the storm.

“Each senior class council does something something that’s helpful for the community,” said Brian Hand, senior student council historian. “So we figured it’d be a good idea to help a community that’s going to struggle for a little bit after this disaster that’s going on right now.”

Donation bins will also be placed in the intermediate, middle, and elementary schools, along with signs and posters to advertise.

“We figured that if we made it more of a Lovejoy community effort, we could probably get more supplies and help a lot more people,” Hand said.

Each of the five main  members involved, Hadyn Spooner, Ireland Benny, Ryan Rinari, Liana Guillemaud, and Hand, have been assigned a school to monitor donation bins.

“I am the ambassador for Lovejoy Elementary,” senior Vice President Ireland Benny said. “So I talked to their administration about this project, and then I bring the boxes there and check on the donations.”

On Sept. 28, when the donations are collected, all boxes will be sent to the Red Cross. From there, the supplies will be shipped to areas affected by Hurricane Florence.

“Red Cross will decide [where the boxes go], it’ll just be East Coast right now because that’s where it’s getting hit the hardest,” Benny said. “Probably in North Carolina or South Carolina.”

Their goal is to be able to collect several boxes full of supplies in order to aid as many people as possible. These donations will not only help those who lost most of their belongings, but also those who can’t afford to purchase these things for themselves.

“I know that during emergencies like this, companies will make the prices very high for water bottles and things like that,” Benny said, “So some families may not be able to afford basic necessities.”

After this project, the senior class council plans on leading several more donations throughout the year in order to help the community and those in need.

“I feel like Lovejoy and the people at Lovejoy are good people and we all have morals to help people who need it,” Hand said. “So we are going to continue helping people.”