Theatre to hold ‘Hot Topic’ auditions


“Hot Topic” is a production portraying real life issues students face in high school.

Lulu Butler, Section Editor

Auditions for the triennial show “Hot Topic” will be held Tuesday, Aug. 21 through Wednesday, Aug. 22 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the black box theatre.

Theatre director Jessica Brewster and student directors will conduct the auditions, requiring students to prepare a one minute monologue about anything they’d like to talk about. Students are required to be enrolled in a theatre class in order to audition. Students who are cast in the show as freshmen have the opportunity to direct “Hot Topic” as seniors. The production of “Hot Topic” will be on Sept. 27 and 29.

“‘Hot Topic’ is a show about high school,” student director Alec Welhouse said. “It’s about all the problems that high schoolers face every single day. It’s about giving voices to people who can’t or won’t speak for themselves. It’s about sharing real stories, and bringing attention to what is important in all of our lives.”

Student director Natalie Edwards said “Hot Topic” will provide depictions of real life situations many high school students face on a regular basis.

“As students, we see exactly what it’s like to be a high schooler and we know the struggles that teens face in high school and specifically at Lovejoy,” Edwards said. “There is something remarkable about seeing the day-to-day struggles of high school from people who are experiencing it here and now, and ‘Hot Topic’ is a really special opportunity for us to do exactly that.”

Welhouse hopes “Hot Topic” will comfort high school students struggling with problems surrounding high school.

“Doing this show is our way to spread our voice and give back to the community,” Welhouse said. “Hopefully the scenes we do touch the hearts of others and make them feel loved.”