Picture perfect prom locations

Shae Daugherty, Staff Writer

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Below are the top five prom picture locations for all those planning on a perfect prom evening:

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  • You can find a set of railroad tracks just about anywhere, so this option is easily accessible. They may be commonly used among the student body for photography, but this is for good reason. They offer a more bohemian appeal and are usually overgrown with vines and flowers. The greenery offers a beautiful lighting screen, creating light patterns through the trees. Along with the foliage, there is often wood and metal beams from when they were operational, thus also appealing to an industrial theme. As for the traffic, this location is usually pretty quiet, but is predicted to get busier as prom rolls around the corner.

  • A personal favorite of mine, a trail through the woods is always a good option. Although it also greatly appeals to nature, it differs from railroad tracks in accessibility. While you have to wander around the city looking for tracks, trails can be found anywhere from in a community park to your backyard. I’ve learned that if you walk the entire trail beforehand, you can find several picture spots– backups included. They also have a healthy mix of both direct and indirect lighting, which allows flexibility in your angles. This area has mild traffic. Expect to see a few joggers and bikers.

  • Also a fan favorite, bridges are another great addition to this list. Bridges are great for large groups, and bonus points if you get a bridge overlooking a lake. The natural effect resurfaces, but only for a moment, as most bridges are in an industrial tone. I know that bridges can seem overrated and overused, but they create beautiful photos. Depending on your angles, you can get filtered lighting or direct light, plus a free backdrop of a lake. During prom season bridges seem to be the busiest, so either find a less popular one or stick it out for the photo op.

  • The balcony at Watters Creek is another picture perfect location. The area has two main spots with enough room for a large group and many smaller ones, as well. There are trees growing through the base of the platform, which contributes to its eternal appeal, while the metal support beams and bright red additions balance the scene. The light falls perfectly, and no matter where you stand, you will have direct lighting. The Watters Creek area as a whole is generally pretty busy, but the platform is a slight exception. Expect to find a few kids running around, but other than that, it’s pretty quiet. The platform is located in the heart of Watters Creek, so no matter where you park, you don’t have to walk far.

  • Another popular location, the rocks at Watters Creek provide a beautiful and flexible location. There are flowers in full bloom and different leveled areas for you to stand on without falling in. They also have benches and steps, allowing for more room to shoot. Direct light is a given, unless you are standing in the shadow of a tree. This area is probably the busiest during prom season, so get there early. There is also the Cheesecake Factory right next door, so you can knock out dinner and photos in one spot. This area is easily accessible with trails and stairs going down to it.

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