Standout study spots


Sophie Starnes

The best places to study around town are ranked based on their noise level, wifi speed and overall environment.

Katie Felton, Staff Writer

Below are the best places to study around town ranked based off the noise level (one to five, five being the loudest), the caffeine availability, wifi speed (one to five, five being fastest) and much more.


5. Panera Bread:

Located in Watters Creek and commonly known for their macaroni  and cheese and salads, Panera can also be a study spot. However, because it is a restaurant and not usually recognized as a popular place to study, its noise level is about a five. The wide variety of food  satisfies many palates, but they lack of outlets, so make sure your laptop is fully charged.The wifi is kind of slow, so I gave it a two–it wouldn’t be the best place if you need to do some extensive research with lots of tabs open. I would recommend this place to someone who likes to study alone and before the sun comes up. It is quieter in the morning because its before the lunch crowd heads in. As for the amount of space the tables allow, it varies with where you sit. But if you want to study with a group, there is really only one big table for that, and if it’s taken, you’re out of luck.


4. Starbucks:

Next on the list is Starbucks. If you tend to fall asleep when hitting the books, there’s plenty of very strong coffee to keep you awake. I personally like to study here in the morning for that very reason, but it is kind of loud with not only the people, but the coffee machines. The foods is average, along with the outlet availability. Though from my many times studying here, I’ve learned that there are more outlets then originally perceived–you just have to look a little harder for them. The wifi is a four, but I’ve become suspicious that if you use it for more than the allotted amount of time it kicks you off. As for if Starbucks is good for group or individual, no more than three people can comfortably sit here. Table space is limited, and like Panera, there is only one big table so if you snooze, you loose.


3. Allen Public Library:

This place is great for group studying, whether it be for a project or cramming for an AP exam, and you can even rent out study rooms for more privacy. There’s lots of big tables with outlets at every one. The wifi speed is a five, and if you don’t own a computer, there are desktop computers and the obvious books. For the library newbies, it’s not all whispers and old ladies yelling at you to be quiet (but if you need absolute silence, there is a quiet area). It’s actually a good place to get lots of work done at any time of the day and, because it’s not a restaurant, there’s no rush hour, so the volume stays consistent for the most part. I have no complaints about the library itself, but the reason it’s not higher on my list is the lack of good caffeine and food.


2. Sucre Cafe:

Sucre is a relaxed hangout that offers boba tea, coffee, and food. To me, it’s a twist on a traditional coffee house. When you walk in, the mood is set with lows lights and music with a good bass. It’s not too crowded, but crowded enough that you know it’s a good place. There are a lot of big tables and a few couches. Outlets line the walls, and they offer free wifi–you just have to ask for the password. It’s kind of loud, so the noise level is a four, but headphones would drown it right out. This is definitely a place for group studying, and I would recommend it to after school studiers because you’re going to want to eat here. They have sandwiches, snacks, and amazing dessert waffles. The only downside is its farther away than the other places on this list, as it’s located in Plano, and was kind of hard to get to.


1. Village Coffee:

Village Coffee has the best coffee by far, as it’s strong but not bitter. I could have a few cups of Villages Coffee, where as one cup of joe from Starbucks is more than enough.  Even though it’s a coffee shop with lots of people going in and out, it’s fairly quiet. They offer big tables with lots of outlets and usb ports if you forget a wall adapter. The environment is overall very chill. The wifi is fast, just like the service. They offer some baked goods but not much else to eat. You could study with a group and no one would shush you, but you could also be a loner and study by yourself and not feel like an outcast. For these reasons, I give Village Coffee “The Best Place to Study Around Town Award.”