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Candidate Profile: Democrat Lorie Burch

Editor’s Note: Below is an interview conducted by email with Democratic candidate Lorie Burch as a part of The Red Ledger’s look into the candidates of the race for Texas’s District 3 seat in the House of Representatives. This interview has been edited for length and a copy of the full interview can be found here.

The Red Ledger: What is your stance on U.S.-Mexican border wall?

Lorie Burch: Our country needs strategic immigration policies to help prevent crime, human trafficking, and drug trade across our borders, but spending billions of dollars on a wall is not the solution.


TRL: What is your stance on DACA?

LB: We need to create a long-term solution to DACA that allows the 800,000 Dreamers in our country [to have] a path to citizenship and allows them to continue to contribute to our communities, workforce, and economy.


TRL: What is your stance on “sanctuary cities?”

LB: Local governments are in the best position to decide whether to allow undocumented immigrants to reside and work in their communities, especially while our federal government struggles to improve upon our current immigration policies.


TRL: What is your stance on healthcare?

LB: Our eventual goal should be a single-payer healthcare system, but we need to be strategic about how we get there so we do not create chaos within our existing system.


TRL: What is your stance on abortion?

LB: We can greatly reduce rates of abortion in our country through providing greater access to birth control and sexual education programs, but restricting a woman’s right to choose is not the answer.


TRL: What is your stance on open carry?

LB: We simply don’t have enough research to know whether concealed carry or open carry laws are safer for our communities, so we need to remove the roadblocks that prevent the CDC from researching gun violence and promoting strategies to make us safer.


TRL: What is your stance on student loans?

LB: Higher education should not be accessible only to those who can afford it. We need to explore fair practices for federal student loans as well as options to support technical/vocational programs to provide a greater range of pathways to success.


TRL: What do you think are the most pressing issues regarding first-time voters?

LB: No matter their stance on any individual issue, I hope that first-time voters realize that we need to elect more leaders from all walks of life in order for our government to truly represent us. As your representative, I will work with my colleagues in Congress to strengthen the Voting Rights Act so that all individuals have an equal opportunity to voice their opinion at the polls. I will support legislation for campaign finance reform so that a greater variety of candidates are able to run for office– not just the wealthy or those who are willing to accept large donations from corporate PACs [Political Action Committees] and special interests.


TRL: What could draw Republicans to your campaign?

LB: Like many Americans, I am tired of the gridlock in Washington and plan to work across the aisle to find the best solutions for the citizens of Collin County, whether those solutions are proposed by my Republican or Democratic colleagues in the U.S. House. I plan to build coalitions within our community, promote discussions about our shared values, and find common ground to work toward solutions that will benefit all of us. I truly believe that no matter what your political affiliation, each of us has more in common than different, and it will take all of us working together to make a difference in our country.


TRL: What sets you apart from the other candidates in the Democratic primary?

LB: I have a proven record of leadership and community advocacy and a history of bringing people together and building coalitions. I have been on the front lines and trenches in Washington, D.C., working with Congressional leaders to affect positive change for the American people. From my work as a small business owner and attorney to my time spent as a leader for groups such as the American Business Women’s Association– which I served as the National President– I have more practical experience as a leader than any of my opponents. It was these experiences that the Dallas Morning News cited when they chose to endorse our campaign for the TX-3 Democratic Primary.


TRL: Do you think the November election will act as a sort of referendum on the current administration?

LB: Although voters may be more engaged during this election cycle due to the current administration, I hope the citizens of Collin County continue to stay involved in local, state, and national politics. It is our civic duty as American citizens to stay informed about the issues that impact us and contribute to our democracy by remaining active in the community and voting in every election.  

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