Halftime meets bedtime with band fundraiser


Kelsey Carroll

Sophomore Joe Ridgway plays the baritone saxophone during the Metalmorphosis band show.

Falyn Brothers, Staff Writer

In an effort to raise money for production needs, the band is taking a unique approach to their fundraising this year by selling mattresses on Saturday, Feb. 10 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the band hall.

“We were approached by the mattress company,” band director Paul Heuer said. “I had actually worked with the company at a previous school. And so [the representative] came and talked to me, and then we had him come to a booster meeting and talk to [the band], and the boosters voted on it and decided we give them a shot this year.”

In an attempt to increase participation, the band decided to take a different route than selling their usual Christmas wrapping paper and popcorn.

“Most of our expenses for the year go towards marching band production, like buying music, pay[ing] for props,” assistant band director Daniel King said. “A lot of that comes out of student band fees, so if we raise enough money for this, we can curb the cost of the fees for some of that marching show stuff.”

The fundraiser will include over 30 name brand mattresses for potential buyers to try. The mattresses are new, available in all sizes, come with warranties, and are at a discounted price in comparison to retail stores.

“I think the guy who runs it said that our goal with the number of people we have should be $10,000 dollars, but it could be more,” Heuer said. “It just depends who shows up. I think we’d be really happy if it ended up being $10,000.”

King said the band may put any extra money toward their annual trip.

“Last year we went to Los Angeles. This year we are going to the beach in Corpus Christi, and then next year we haven’t decided yet,” Heuer said. “We got New York, one of us has talked about Hawaii, so we are going to do some sort of big trip next year.”

Along with the mattresses, financing programs will be available at the fundraiser.

“I think it will be interesting for the community because we haven’t done this type of fundraiser, so at least the idea of something new can definitely draw in a couple more people than we typically see for a fundraiser,” assistant band director Nathan Lewis said.