Review: Newest season of ‘The X Files’ converges old and new


Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Season 11 of “The X- Files” reconnects fans to the classic science-fiction show of the 20th century.

Nicole Genrich, Section Editor

In 2015, the first attempt at a reboot season of “The X-Files” was more of a tribute to the series, trying to provide several monster-of-the-week episodes, without creating a solid core storyline and failing to give viewers the same “X-Files” that enthralled so many nearly 20 years ago. However, the newest season, season 11, reconnects fans to their favorite science fiction show about government conspiracies.

The new season so far does not disappoint because it starts by bringing back some fan favorites like Agents Skinner, Reyes and Spender. In doing this, the newest episodes provide many unexpected plot twists that leave viewers slightly confused. However, as the episodes go on, each new twist is carefully unfolded and explained while still leaving just enough mystery. The first four episodes bring together pieces of an old plotline and connect them to the current lives of the characters this season, while still showing some of the classic monster-of-the-week episodes. However, in doing this there are points where some character choices feel out of place due to the amount of time that has passed from when these actors last portrayed their characters.

These lags just showcase slightly awkward moments when transitioning between the main narrative and comical scenes where it feels as if the show is trying to reconnect to its roots. However, for the most part it beautifully sets up an intriguing new plot that has been carefully unraveled bringing just enough comical moments and slight romance between agents Mulder and Scully. These scenes carefully play on the semi-romantic relationship between them that leaves fans wanting more and more.

William B. Davis, who portrays the smoking man, comes back to once again meddle in the lives of agents Mulder and Scully. He beautifully slips back into his villainous character as if no time has passed since he has been this character. On the other hand, Gillian Anderson has some unbelievable moments where it seems as if she is having trouble portraying her skeptic-in-nature character, Dana Scully.

Overall, the new season provides a nice pick up where the series left off 16 years ago that the last season released two years ago did not. With so many different elements into the newest installment, the new season slightly overwhelmed at times, but also provides a solid integration from old to new that the previous reboot did not provide.

My Rating: A-