Freshmen for a day


Sophie Starnes

The eighth graders will participate in a variety of activities to become acclimated with the high school.

Katie Bardwell, Staff Writer

The school will be hosting Bump Up Day for the current eighth graders this Friday so they can learn more about the campus before they become freshmen. With some help from the Student Council, the counselors have planned activities and tours for the eighth graders.

“Bump Up Day is the day across the district where the grades that are moving up to a different school will go visit the next campus,” guidance counselor Amanda Breeden said. “Our intention is to help alleviate stress about moving up the high school and to let them know about the different classes offered at the high school.  Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria, go on a tour, and hear from a panel of current LHS students.”

The idea behind Bump Up Day is new to the high school but has been a tradition at the intermediate and middle schools.

“They have always done [Bump Up Day] for fourth and sixth grades,” Breeden said. “It was decided to add eighth grade this year.”