Austin’s Christmas light spectacular


Emma Overholt

Christmas isn’t exactly the forte of the eccentric Austin Keefer, but he’s nevertheless brought you ten of the best spots to let the Christmas spirit shine through you.

Austin Keefer, Staff Writer

Listening to “Silent Night” for the trillionth time isn’t really doing the trick for me this year, but maybe it’s not too late for you to get into the holiday spirit. How? With Christmas lights of course! The ultimate symbol of “Christmas Commercialism” and our shrinking attention- ooh, pretty colors!- spans. So sit back, relax, and listen to me spout off my opinions. This is the top ten Christmas light attractions in the World United States Texas a close proximity.

  1. Let There Be Peace

A McKinney display featuring doves, deer, shooting stars, three lasers, and a banner with “peace” in many languages, all accompanied by “A Mad Russian Christmas” by the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

  1. Holidays at the Heard

It’s hard to hate decorated dinosaurs and harder still to resist the humble atmosphere of the wildlife sanctuary enhanced by spectacular lights.

  1. Fairview Town Center

Every year, the Fairview Town Center, formerly know as the Village at Fairview, sets up a group of Christmas trees outside of Macy’s– a prime target for any Grinch.

  1. Village at Allen

There’s nothing quite like craning your neck to see the top of a 35-foot Christmas tree adorned with 20,000 sparkling lights. Sure, your neck might be sore if you do it to long, but hey, what are chiropractors for?

  1. Downtown McKinney

With its streets aglow in the winter snow, a walk through Historic Downtown McKinney in December is like a trip through time (but hopefully not the 80s, because that’s been done to death).

  1.  Interlochen Holiday Lights

For the 42nd time, Arlington’s Interlochen Holiday Lights have brought new meaning to word “teamwork.” Each December, over 200 Arlington homeowners decorate their houses and yards with Christmas cheer, creating one of the largest drive-thru displays in North Texas.

  1. Prairie Lights

The Prairie Lights, located (predictably) in Grand Prairie, is another drive-thru Christmas attraction consisting of 4 million lights that span two miles. No wonder they charge $35 a pop.

  1. Holiday Wonder

Nestled alongside the historic lagoon at Fair Park, Holiday Wonder is home to millions of lights, live performances, and a 48-foot-tall Christmas tree. Take that, Allen!

  1. Enchant

This year, the world’s largest Christmas light maze and market is making its Lone Star Debut. Located next to Globe Life Park in Arlington, Enchant is host to two acres of Christmas light displays, comprising of millions of lights. Santa must owe these guys a favor or two.  

  1. Magical Winter Lights

Enchant’s collection of lights is by far the most majestic. But in terms of best color, best designs, and best everything else that screams Christmas, the grand prize goes to the Magical Winter Lights in Grand Prairie. Featuring attractions such as The Lone Star State, Mystery of the East, Christmas Candy Land, Magical Wonderland, and Dinosaur Land (sorry, Heard), there are no other lights in Texas that are surer to dazzle the eye.

And though it’s been said many times in many ways, Merry Christmas to you. Just kidding– I don’t care. Bah humbug.