Majestic tryouts to begin this week


Shae Daugherty

Potential Majestics will spend the first part of the week learning what they will perform for the tryout later in the week.

Caleb Stein, Staff Writer

“5, 6, 7, 8!”

This phrase will become very common to potential Majestics, as this week marks the tryouts for the award-winning dance team.

“Monday through Wednesday after school, [the dancers] will learn the material for the tryouts,” Majestics director Jenny Willis said. “Thursday evening they perform to show dance technique, kick across the floor to show height, and demonstrate splits for flexibility.”

According to senior Majestic Izzie Muirhead, it can be very intimidating and nerve-racking to try your best with the possibility of still not making the team.

“I was very nervous for the tryouts,” Muirhead said. “Even though I came from a competitive dance background, any time I have to audition or perform for people I get nervous.”

Willis said the coaches are looking at more than just the dance auditionees will be learning throughout the week.

“Most importantly, we look for potential,” Willis said. “We want someone who is moldable. There are certain skills we want the dancers to have mastered, but we’re looking if these girls will be able to blend in and dance along with the current girls on the team.”

With the reputation and history of the Majestics program, the tryouts have an added sense of difficulty. Willis said that she hopes the dancers realize the nature of the Majestics but don’t feel like it’s impossible to make it.

“We are a varsity-level competitive dance team, so we hope that our reputation is intimidating,” Willis said. “We like the idea that the girls think of the organization as elite. But we don’t want to seem unattainable.”

Even though the tryouts are a very intense environment and can be an intimidating experience for the girls, they have the opportunity to interact a lot with fellow dancers trying out and current Majestics on the team.

“When I tried out, we spent so much time together, and we actually got to meet the girls on the team during tryouts,” senior Majestic Faith Ortegon said. “We ate together and changed together and did a lot of stuff with the girls on the team, so it’s a head start on bonding.”

Even though the tryouts are a difficult set of days to go through, the Majestics still advise that those who want to try out should go for it.

“Don’t be nervous and stay positive throughout the week,” Muirhead said. “Always smile super big, and if you make a mistake, don’t show it on your face. Just keep dancing, and dance your heart out.”