Student yearbook pictures displayed for corrections


Grace Nguyen

Yearbook photos are displayed in the commons to check for accuracy.

Kelsey Carroll, Section Editor

Student yearbook pictures are posted in the commons this week in order for students to check if their name, grade, and picture match correctly for the 2018 edition of the yearbook.

“We need to make sure that we use everyone’s correct name and their legal names,” senior yearbook editor Elissa Bouska said. “We don’t want any faces with the wrong names, and we don’t want anyone to get mad that we did something incorrectly”

Students can fill out a “Fix-Me” form and place it in the box located in front of the pictures if they see a change that needs to be made. Forms need to be filled out and turned into the box by Dec. 1. Students may only make changes to their own name or picture.

“I’m the one that actually takes care of all [the corrections],” yearbook advisor Rebecca Pollard said. “So I will make sure that any correction that is recorded to us is either made or if for some reason it can’t be made, I will talk to the student individually and discuss why”

Pollard said she aims for accuracy so that the yearbook will be of use in students’ futures.

“The yearbook is ultimately the history of record,” Pollard said. “We need to be accurate because in 10, 20, or 30 years from now, what’s left of this year is usually contained in that book. So later on down the line when you’re 20 or 30 years older and you’re looking through the book, you are getting accurate information always.”