Parker Nolan

Behind the scenes of “Friendsgiving.”


This fall, The Red Ledger is excited to introduce a new tradition, Friendsgiving. A spinoff of 14 Days of Love, Friendsgiving will put a spotlight on ten pairs of senior best friends who have stuck with each other through the ups and downs of high school and even before. 


Friendsgiving: Allie Karnes and Sydney Tholen
Friendsgiving: Sloan Carevic and Greenley Finner
Friendsgiving: Noah Shackelford and Carter Griffith
Friendsgiving: Kaitlyn Redding and MC Wells
Friendsgiving: Bretton Laboret and Nicholas Smith
Friendsgiving: Lauren Bradshaw and Gabriella DiLiegro
Friendsgiving: Abby Eaton and Kalese Droge
Friendsgiving: Joe Cross and Anna Stockton
Friendsgiving: Clay Parker and Grant Dennis
Friendsgiving: Greyson Finch and Cade Krisher

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