Students to donate blood through Red Cross


Parker Nolan

A student donates blood at the annual fall blood drive.

Caleb Stein, Staff Writer

For those who need it, the smallest amount of blood can be life saving. Today, the student council will work with the Red Cross to hold their annual fall blood drive, which helps those who may need blood down the line.

“We’ve done the blood drive the past three years I’ve been in charge of student council,” student council sponsor Theresa Dollinger said. “We’ve had a great turnout every time, and we have all the time slots filled up this year.”

The student council has been hard at work preparing for the event alongside the Red Cross. Dollinger said that a majority of the planning was done by the student council members.

“We started a while back by planning a date,” Dollinger said. “Then they have been trying to get people to sign up to donate, advertise the event, and work with Red Cross to plan the event.”

For the student council, the blood drive is an opportunity to provide a service that can help many.

“We’re providing a crucial service to those who are in need,” sophomore and student council member Lily McCutcheon said. “The opportunity to donate blood is something that everyone should do at least once.”

Dollinger said that each student who donates blood makes a significant impact on those who need it.

“Every pint donated saves three lives,” Dollinger said. “Even if we only have one person donate, it makes a difference in those three lives, as well as the lives of their family and friends.”

The students who are donating realize the significance of their donation and what it can mean with events occurring throughout the country. Senior Logan Mannewitz said the donations will help those affected by life-altering events.

“Especially now with natural disasters and shootings, donating blood can mean life or death for individuals,” Mannewitz said. “I hope that my donation can get to someone in need and maybe save a life.”

Mannewitz said he hopes the community can come together to supply significant help to the Red Cross.

“I chose to donate because I figured that someone in need will definitely need blood more than I do,” Mannewitz said. “I have faith that our school will be able to pull through and make a difference as a community.”