Human trafficking documentary to be screened in lecture hall


Courtesy of Worldwide Documentaries

The documentary will focus on different types of human trafficking in the world.

Austin Keefer, Staff Writer

The Junior World Affairs Council will host a screening of the documentary film “Not My Life” about human trafficking from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the lecture hall on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

“The film addresses many forms of slavery, including the military use of children in Uganda, involuntary servitude in the United States, forced begging and garbage picking in India, sex trafficking in Europe and Southeast Asia, and other kinds of child abuse,” senior Gabriella DiLiegro said. “The film also focuses on the people and organizations engaged in working against human trafficking.”

DiLiegro said the film is widely known as one of the best documentaries about human trafficking.

“I think the wide range of types of human trafficking shown in the film expresses the severity of modern day slavery in this world,” DiLiegro said.

Tangella encouraged people to attend the screening because human trafficking affects many in the nearby DFW area, and added that Texas has the second most human trafficking in the United States.

For those concerned about the film’s potentially graphic and disturbing content, DiLiegro explained that there was no need to worry.

“Nothing in the film should disturb viewers,” DiLiegro said. “The film display provides knowledge about the topic; the purpose is to inform.”

The film will be screened on campus and in the lecture hall to utilize its large screen and make easy access for anyone who wants to attend.