Eight athletes sign National Letters of Intent


Grace Nguyen

Student-athletes committed to playing their respective sports, including volleyball, cross country, track and field, and softball, at the collegiate level.

Caleb Stein, Staff Writer

At the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) signing day this afternoon, multiple student-athletes committed to play their sports at the collegiate level. Seniors Annabelle Archer, Rachel Langs, Allie Moger, Lexie Parks, Emily Gueller, Grace Ridgeway, Alyssa Difiore, and Shanel Bramschreiber committed to colleges ranging from Baylor University to the University of Colorado after undergoing recruitment.

“The recruiting process for me was very stressful because I had just switched positions and I was also really young,” Bramschreiber said. “Choosing a school to dedicate four years of your career to is already a tough decision, and being 15 when I made my choice was even more difficult. I had no idea what my potential was, but Baylor saw it in me and gave me a great opportunity.”

Archer said that her choice was based on more than just the sports program.

“I have always wanted to go to North Carolina because it’s such an amazing school,” Archer said. “It’s really strong academically and has a fun atmosphere so it’s a place I feel like I will fit in well.”

As these athletes prepare to start or finish the last season of their respective sport, many look back on their high school careers fondly.

“High school volleyball has really shaped my overall high school experience,” Archer said. “I’ve made so many friends through all the things we’ve gone through. Although I’m super excited to become a better setter and better player at the next level, I will definitely look back on volleyball these past four years as a huge positive.”

Though the level of competition and challenge will change in college, Ridgeway said the heart and importance of each students’ sport will remain the same.

“[Our sports] played a huge part in who we all are as people,” Ridgeway said. “It becomes part of our identity. We become a family. That can’t be taken away, no matter if you compete at the next level or not.”

Bramschreiber is preparing for the jump in expectations and looking forward to this next phase in her athletic journey.

“I think anyone who has the mindset to be great can be great at whatever they do,” Bramschreiber said. “At Baylor, they’ve set the standards for me coming in as a freshman, and I want to accept that challenge. I think I will really benefit from the difficulty and new challenges of the game.”