Cross country looks to regional meet


Parker Nolan

Junior Brett Pederson and Sophomore Brady Laboret come around the bend on the final mile.

Joe Vastano, Staff Writer

After completing a successful district meet with the boys team taking the district title and the girls team taking second place honors, both teams qualified for the Region 2 meet in Grand Prairie this Monday.

“The team has been consistently running six to seven days a week since May to prepare for the upcoming meets because those are the ones that really matter, and our goal as a team is to win the regional meet,” sophomore Will Muirhead said.

The team has started workouts to increase their speed the past few weeks in preparation for the championship meets. This allows the runners to peak right around regionals and the state meet.

“We are reaching our fastest potential right now by doing speed work that we just started only a couple weeks ago,” senior Ryan Brands said. “We should see some fairly large drops in times at the regional meet because of this. Last week we ran very good races with some good personal records considering the course was one of the most difficult we run.”

The boys will seek to qualify for the state meet this weekend in order to defend their state title, while the girls are looking to improve from last year and qualify their whole team, not just individual runners to the state meet.

“The entire culture of the team has changed for the better,” junior Avery Silliman said. “Hard work and positive thinking has become more contagious. Relationships grew stronger. This reflects into the purpose of why we run and who and what we run for. Keeping each other accountable and making our goals tangible.”

The state meet will be held in Round Rock on Nov. 4th.